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The Details Podcast

Nov 17, 2014

Daniele Bolelli is italian-born writer, university professor and podcaster. He is author of several books including “Create Your Own Religion”, which leads the reader through three thousand years of mythology, misinformation and the flat-out lies about "revealed truth" that continue to muddle our ability to live a...

Oct 20, 2014

Cara Santa Maria is american science communicator, podcaster and TV personality. Although she was raised as a mormon, she became an atheist who really loves science. She talked with Boki and Anže about her passion, religion, ebola and GMOs. Check ut her podcast “Talk Nerdy”!

Cara Santa Maria

Plano, Texas


Sep 22, 2014

Ertan Balaban has dedicated his life to different kinds of martial arts - he used to fight in the ring and now he is a Brazilian jiu-jitsu instructor in Istanbul. He and Boki tried to explain the point of martial arts to Anže. Anže remains a skeptic.

Ertan Balaban

Ertan in the ring

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)


Aug 26, 2014

Chris Thomas is an advanced scout for NBA team Utah Jazz. In his past he worked as assistant coach for Golden State Warriors and also Slovenian National Team. He talked with Boki And Anze about his basketball family, coaching career and the differences between American and European basketball.

Chris Thomas